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Amazon, after its successful e-commerce venture, is not stopping anyway. From data storage, media, payments to hardware, it has ventured successfully with all of them. Amazon online shopping is ruling the world by providing the largest ever platform for both buyers and sellers. Amazon has maintained to make a place across all the countries in the world.

After its inception, Amazon is only rising and so are its products and services. Here are some major services and products offered by Amazon:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon business
  • Amazon Fire Tv
  • Amazon prime music/video
  • Amazon pay
  • Amazon games

With innumerable products and services, Amazon has maintained to achieve the largest ever user-base and to provide them some sort of convenience, Amazon support is available. Users can ask every minor and major detail about the products and services by calling Amazon support number.

Amazon support is also needed because we know the fact that every technical product tends to generate issues at some point or other. And when technical issues pop up, it doesn’t only affect workflow but also disheartens the users massively. At this point of time, Amazon help comes in the rescue of frustrated Amazon users

What are the possible issues and problems with Amazon Products and services?

There are some issues reported by the user regarding Amazon services which are discussed below:

  • Product delivery is wrong
  • How to report and complain about a faulty seller
  • A falter is found on the received product
  • How to ask for a refund
  • Report a deceptive activity on Amazon
  • Cannot update and change the payment information
  • Cannot sign in to my Amazon account
  • The delivery date of the product is exceeded

Amazon products are widely used, so the issues tend to happen in a large margin. There is a large number of issues reported by the users, naming a few here.

Issues with Amazon prime music/video

Amazon had stirred up the market by launching Amazon prime music/video. It is greatly accepted by the users and thus making it the no 1 music/video service. Amazon prime lets you watch TV series, entertainment videos, movies, web series and more. Let’s discuss here the most occurred issue with Amazon prime video:

Video streaming issue

Amazon prime videos sometimes lag, stutter, skip and it all happens because of incompatibility issue. So, if you don’t want a video to dysfunction like this, you have to ensure a stable internet connection and some system requirement which are as below:

Required Internet Connection

At least 900 Kbits/sec- For standard definition video

At least 3.5 Mbits/sec- For High definition video

Required Operating System

Mac- OS 10.7 or newer

Windows 7 or latest

Google Chrome is supported on Linux/Unix

Supported web browser

Internet Explorer (version 11 or latest)

Microsoft edge

Safari (version 10 or latest)

Opera (version 37 or latest)

Chrome (version 59 or latest)

Firefox (version 53 or latest)

How to Fix Silver Light Issue

Microsoft Silver light plug-in is needed when using Amazon prime videos on the browser such as Internet Explorer; the reason being HTML5 is not supported by the explorer. While using the Silver light plug-in, you are having some issue then you can fix it by below-given troubleshooting solution:

  • Right click on "Prime Video playe" window
  • Select “Silver light”
  • Click on the “Application storage” option
  • Make sure you check before “Enable application storage”
  • Now go to open “website” column and select
  • Click on delete
  • In the end, close the browser and replay the videos.

If the problem still persists, you are recommended to contact Amazon customer service

Issues with Amazon Echo and its solution

Alexa cannot connect with Wi-Fi

If Alexa is not able to receive the Wi-Fi connection in a continuous manner and getting out of the network time and again, then you have to look up to the settings of the router and other network devices. You can also call Amazon customer support number to get help.

Alexa is not responding

Is Alexa not responding? Because it cannot receive your commands, so you can fix it by turning off the speaker. After a few minutes, turn it on, but if the issue is not resolved then contact Amazon Phone support service

How to Contact Amazon Support

Having issues with the technical product is very common and Amazon being a big brand understand this very well and that is why they have given an online support platform, using which you have to fill an online application form

You can ask for phone support or email support from Amazon customer care team. However, if filling the form online is not that suits you then you can directly call Amazon phone number to connect with the experts.

Amazon toll-free number is available to get your connected you with the experts who are all set to resolve your queries. Your problems with Amazon products will be resolved without a delay.

Many users call Amazon helpline number and ask for an Amazon refund. In such a case, an executive on phone call ask you a few details of your product and shipping and then instantly initiate the process of Amazon refund. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get your Amazon refund.

For any other Amazon service regarding the problem, you can directly call, chat or email to the customer support team and let them take all the stress on your behalf.