Bittrex Preview – The Biggest Achievement in Economy Sector

Bittrex is pleased to announce a new feature on its website – Bittrex Preview, which showcases website improvements & updates ahead of the final release to all users.

Bittrex Support Number

Bittrex always believes in following the customer’s feedback & suggestions so it values them a lot. Bittrex customers get a customized option, a beaker icon in the top right corner of the website.

Bittrex customers get a customized option, a beaker icon in the top right corner of the website.

Selected Bittrex Preview Improvements

  1. Streamlined buy/sell order form on markets page: The layout has been simplified to be clearer and easier to use, especially on smaller screens.
  2. Improved order tables on market pages: Four order tables have been reorganized together into a single tabbed component, making it easier to quickly move between all of your different open & closed orders on a market.
  3. Improved trade history tables on market pages: The trade history tables have an improved look & more flexible paging.
  4. Improved balances, deposits & withdrawals tables on the wallets page, organized into a single tabbed component for easier navigation.
  5. Improved estimated holdings on the wallets page to more clearly summarise the total of your crypto & fiat holdings.
  6. Improved mobile navigation service

How to provide feedback

We are eager for your feedback on the new Bittrex Preview. These are the three ways through which you can provide feedback to Bittrex. Your feedback helps us make Bittrex money exchange future improvements.

  • Contribute your opinion on Social Media – We are always here to help our customers on social media. Be sure to follow Bittrex & share your feedback directly with our team.
  • File a support request through Bittrex Support number – Share your feedback directly with our team. Just use the “submit a request” button located at the top right corner of the support website.
  • Participate in twitter Polls- Follow and stay tuned for upcoming Twitter Polls where you can provide feedback.

According to me, one more feature should be added which is a live chat option on the bottom hand of the page. It is the best & the most convenient option available because it will be a direct conversation with us so that you can give suggestions & we can give feedback.

An indication of bidding can also be explained through bar graphs or flowcharts which will be easier to follow for the bidders for trading.

If you want to read more about Bittrex Support service, you can visit our website:

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