Why Amazon Banned Returning of Faulty Goods?

We all are aware of the company Amazon. It is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing digital streaming & artificial intelligence. These days customers are buying a huge number of goods in which some of them are faulty and according to Amazon’s terms and policy their account has to be closed when they return them.

A customer, George Lincoln has bought 343 items from online giant since 2014. He sent back 37 articles & is now blocked from using it and he cannot reclaim his credit balance also. He is a self-confessed computer programmer & an Amazon addict, who buys hundreds of items on this site. Out of 343 items purchased, he returned back 37 items. Amazon has blocked his account with immediate effect and told him that he would also lose gift card balance that he had on the account. Although, he insists that there is a genuine reason behind all his returns but the goods were either, faulty, damaged or were not described. Amazon refused to give him any proper explanation as in his words. Now his case will be an alarm to anyone blocked by Amazon who has spent a lot of money collecting a huge number of Kindle books or other digital purchases. Consumers who have been given a $200 gift voucher for Christmas, but closed their account somehow before they spent the money, would lose the lot under the terms of the policy.

According to Lincoln, “As a fervently loyal fan of Amazon who has been a customer since 2002, no doubts Amazon is trying to protect its business however its actions are completely shocking to me. Surely, it can refuse to serve whom it likes, but surely it cannot keep the gift balances & other purchased goods which have already been paid for by the customer. So then he emailed Amazon to point out the unfairness in closing accounts.

Lincoln is the latest person to fall foul of the company’s policy of banning customers who exercise their consumer rights to return goods. In this case, he may call Amazon refund number +1(855)-424-9807. Amazon says that the company is not answerable to each & everyone & they would not reopen his account. Their goal is to deliver the best experience for millions of customers who shop with them. In a tiny fraction of cases, we are forced to close accounts because of major account abuse. This decision is only taken after we have reviewed the account carefully and tried to work with the customer over an extended time period to resolve any issues.

Damaged items or not described or those who simply don’t last as they should, are all sent back to unhappy consumers, & they can return an item to physical shops. In this case, also you can directly call on Amazon refund number +1(855)-424-9807.

What happens to purchased items?

 Amazon account blocked makes life difficult for Kindle users. Already bought books can be viewed online & you can even buy more but users hope that they will not have a problem in the near future.

Amazon says it closes the account of those who want to return faulty goods but they can view their previous digital orders. They can also check whether purchased items are still in warranty. When your account is closed you also lose access to Amazon Prime on-demand film streaming service & if you have paid $79 for an annual subscription the money is lost. The DVD sending service love film is also owned by Amazon, as is the popular talking books service audible, books are downloaded so anyone who has had their account closed will keep past purchases. Love Film users will have to join their local library. Comic fans who signed up to download site Comixology, taken over by amazon in 2014. It is so easy to set up an alternative account which remains to be seen. Most of the people simply use their partner’s account. If you choose to close your account you simply lose access to everything.

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